Welcome to Nam-Viet Restaurant

1127 North Hudson Street
Arlington, VA.
Phone - 703-522-7110

The exceptional cuisine of the Nam-Viet Restaurant was developed by applying family culinary secrets and experience in satisfying hosts of indigenous and foreign customers of every nationality in over three generations of service. French and Southern Mekong Delta flavors and exceptionally fine quality of ingredients are evident in our very own "Can-Tho-nese" style cooking. Can Tho, a lush, bountiful, bustling, tropical area of the Southernmost part of Vietnam, is frequently referred to as the "Bread Basket of Southeast Asia." The demands of its people for high energy, non-filling, non-fattening nourishment to sustain them through a tropical workday resulted in the evolution of wholesome, savory culinary dishes of unique distinction, now finding great appeal and high favor in Western diets. Whether a light, nourishing mid-day luncheon or an evening of dining elegance, we are confident you will join our ever increasing numbers of satisfied, health conscious, repeat customers.

Each of our authentic Vietnamese dishes is individually prepared when ordered. If pressed for time, we recommend you tell your server so he/she may make recommendations for quickly prepared items, and react accordingly. Enjoy.

Nam-Viet is located ½ block from Wilson Blvd., 2½ blocks from Clarendon Metro.